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Hi people Thurs 10th January 2008

Yes, The Conservative party commonly known as The Con-Artist party, in my lighter moments at least. How can you say that Crazydave? Well let’s see. Mr. Cameron their current leader extols the virtues of the hard working members of this society. It is only a pity his actions don’t fit that profile.

You will all be aware, constant reader, that Mr. Cameron is one of the members of that despicable group I call ‘The Usual Suspects.’ Never at any time has Mr. Cameron ever got back to me regarding the contents of these blogs sent via email to him. Even the ones that point out that a Conservative party Assembly Member refuses to assist his constituent. You would think that a simple ‘Sorry to hear that one of my party member in Wales is not being of assistance to you. I will get in touch with Nick Bourne the leader of the Conservative party in Wales, to address the situation’.

Mr. Cameron also does not have, like many of these scurrilous MP’s or AM’s an auto-responder on his email. Should these blogs, ever reach the Parliamentary Standards Committee. I can only trust that they will make it MANDATORY, that all politicians and House of Lords Member’s do have auto-responders for their email. So that if a member of this society, brings a claim of Criminal Negligence against them. The dishonoured member will not be able to claim, ‘That they never knew anything about the matter’. I would appreciate them ensuring the same for our county councils. At one time Cardiff County Councils system allowed you to print off, an email sent to a councillor. That facility appears to have vanished. Being distrustful of these people by now, I can only assume that has been removed so that they are less accountable.

I believe that enclosed in these blogs are questions that any self-respecting leader of an opposition party, ought to be asking the PM.

They tax you if you go on a plane, yet you are not able to say where they spend your flying tax money. Maybe you would rather it go to the development of alternative renewable sources of energy. Like 100,000 micro water wheels on our rivers, maybe they will cover the 20% generation that Nuclear provides??? They do not know, because they cannot even provide me with the cost of the installation and running of one Wind Turbine, to compare with the same cost for solar to see the difference in output for money spent. So that we the people, can make an informed choice as to where we would like to see the investment of Government funds go. Questions any self-respecting Leader of an opposition ought to be asking on the people’s behalf.

It would appear rather that Mr. Cameron joins in the Welsh Assemblies Criminal Negligence of Crazydave. Not only Crazydave, but all those other Vulnerable Adults getting ripped off in houses of multiple-occupancy, where funnily enough a lot of them reside.

He fails in his Duty of Care. Oh yes the excessive profiteering by all those involved in the rental or supply of utilities to such properties is fine in Mr. Cameron’s books. After all, he comes from a background where, the majority are likely to have shares in these utility companies, in their investment portfolios. I wonder if that could be described as a Conflict of Interest? It would appear by his silence, that he is happy for these companies, and social housing providers in higher rental yields, to excessively profit out of houses of multiple-occupancy. He is delighted in fact that Vulnerable Adults Are Just Cash Cows for the Professional Elite! Oh I think so Crazydave.

He’s so hard working, with such a hard working team that he hasn’t the time to answer an email, out of good manners. Obviously he has none. That’s the kind of man Mr. Cameron is. Yes he misleads electorate! But the Media would rather you didn’t know such things about their blue eyed boy.


This week finds his party making scapegoats out of those on incapacity benefit, when all they are just conduits of wealth to others. Like Judge Hickinbottom, paid handsomely as The Chief Commissioner of the Tribunal Service. Mr. Cameron isn’t at all concerned that this Judge has an allegation of ‘Conspiring to Pervert the Course of Justice’ in the public domain. A self-evident claim made in this diary of blogs. Another head of a government department who likes to pass the buck.

Yet Mr. Cameron doesn’t give a fig. He allows this member of the Judiciary, to carry on his duties, with such an allegation placed against him. Neither does he bring to book Mr. Peter Hain over actions of member of the DWP. The Tribunal Service likes to make pretend that it is separate from government. Well how can they be when they are paid out of the public purse? I wonder which department does pay their wages? The DWP perhaps???????

Lets hope that the Judge will do the Honourable thing and resign, for allowing these Tribunal Service Staff to play games with clients for their sick pleasure, without censure. Ergo the Judge partakes in the crime, same as Mr. Cameron. Or else he would have by know have ridiculed the Minister for Works n Pensions for the intolerable treatment of mental health suffers by his department. ‘Institutionalised Discrimination’ would better describe it. But not Mr. Cameron he wants to join in the vilification of them as well.

In that, he’s not that much different to the First Minister at the Welsh Assembly, whose actions of neglect, speak oh so much louder than his words of care. But then his wife and my MP has been drawing her £60,000.00 a year salary under false pretences for the last 8 years. Because as far as I am aware, she has never, ever, raised an issue in parliament, on behalf of this constituent. According to the Job description, allegedly, her very reason for being. I wonder if the Fraud Squad could bring a prosecution against her in for Defrauding the System???????? That would be real Social Justice for you, eh Crazydave? Yep!

Then maybe a Parliamentary Standards Committee made up of ABSOLUTELY NO parliamentary members what so ever will withdraw her pension rights, while their giving her a jail term for fraud. Or will she like benefit claimants ‘caught at it’ have to pay back her fiddled income???????

The guy who mentioned on Mr. Richard Evans show, that if politicians had a productivity test, they would all fail. Or that they had target times to respond, and this thing called protocol, that they all like to hide behind, was scrapped. Maybe just maybe, we would have, totally accountable government. Oh how I look forward to those halcyon days. Mr. Edwina Curry would like to paint a totally different picture, but this is a Socially Excluded Member of this societies experience of their performance.

Well Mr. Cameron to much honesty for you? Too much truth for you? All from a drug addict bum. Lets smash another illusion that the unemployed are not Tax Payer’s shall we. Is there anything they spend their very limited incomes on, that are not Taxed? Yeah fill in the blank; two letter word starts with N and ends with an O. The not so hard working Taxpayer’s. The only difference between them and the professional elite is, they will never have Billion pound xmas bonuses to pay for their winter heating bills or those luxury xmas presents. Neither will they be able to chuck it into an offshore bank account, in order to avoid paying any tax what so ever. While a 64 year-old MS sufferers has to live in a car, because he cannot afford rented accommodation That’s the Great Britain Mr. Cameron and Mr. Brown love to preside over.

I hear today that government are sponsoring Nuclear power again. Is it true that the British Taxpayers, paid for the development of the nuclear industry in this country? Yet it appears in these latest proposals that the technology will be given away to the private sector, so that they can in-turn, make a profit out of selling the electricity back to the Taxpayer. If they are going down this route, doesn’t it behove them to have it as a Nationalized Industry, so that we get the electricity at cost, after all we will live with the risk, as well as the waste, and as we have paid for its technological development. We really ought to enjoy it, on a non-profit basis.

What price per unit are we going to be forced to pay, with it run on a profit basis Mr. Brown? After all with the scandal of the Spiralling Cost of the Olympics, as well as that of the devolved Scottish Assembly building, aren’t the projected costs likely to be as criminally incompetent as these. More than likely they are going to Triple or quadruple and then big business will come cap in hand to the government to bail them out, like the Rail company subsidies, and these companies are still remarkably making profits?????????????

Neither is Mr. Cameron interested in Outlawing these percentage wage increases, after all his kind do very nicely, being rich and getting richer. For that £20,000.00 a year public service employee to get the same weekly rise as is muted that MP’s will vote for themselves, they would need a 6% rise. I can see the Tabloid News headlines over that, Greedy Nurses, Higher than Inflation Rises demanded by Unions, Blah Blah Blah!

Lets face it, there will be more profit to government in VAT out of nuclear, than the cheap as chips supply from 200,000 micro water wheels whizzing 24/7 x 365 days of the year on our rivers. After all, since all this talk of Global Warming and climate change we appear to be deluged with rain filling the rivers. Eh Mr. Cameron? I wonder what the whole of the EEC could generate for itself utilizing such a system of generation. But will we ever know??? Will we ever try???

Guess that this will meet with the usual silence from the not at all free Media that they like to fool us all with that we have. Isn’t that right Mr. Director General of the BBC? Mr. Cameron is happy that Vulnerable Adults are housed in Sub-Standard Council properties, and being fleeced left right and centre. As is Mr. Rhodri Morgan and his wife Julie, or else something would have been done by now.

Neither has he been willing to question the actions of the IPCC another arm of the government, which does not challenge the non-action of the Police. Who are just pawns of what ever government is in power and refuse to investigate any claim that I have made, such as excess profiteering by utilities, inflated rent levels, council rent revenue accounts that claim they pay rent rebates, when no other landlord, in the housing benefit scheme will ever show on their accounts. Need I continue constant reader, or can you see for yourself now the issues Mr. Cameron has failed to hold the government to account over, yet provided with ample ammunition via these blogs.

Will Mr. Cameron claim if ever pressed over these issues and say ‘ooops I forgot’ no doubt as will Mr Peter Hain with his misplaced £103,000.00 But that’s the price of delegating to incompetent staff eh Mr. Hain? The same as Judge Hickinbottom is unable to scrutinise the games the Tribunal Service employees play on clients, as the Chief Commissioner of that service.

All the Best People, in this instance cheap as chips electricity and accountability, accountability, accountability, of our public servants, for their failures in their duty of care.

Love n Light from Crazydave.


It was nice to hear the miner today, tell the truth about the miner’s compensation package and the Labour party’s attempt to stall it. A cynical acquaintance suggested that the only reason the ASW worker are being compensated for their pension funds being filched, was that after the bail out of Northern Rock what other option did they have. Again forced into it. What I would like to know is:

Does the government intend to nationalise the homes of the people who were unable to pay the mortgages they defaulted on, with Northern Rock. So they will not be cast out onto the streets, and pass them onto a housing association, so at least they might be able to pay an affordable rent, and keep their homes?????

Seems that if you have enough money, while it might not buy you a Lordship??? Allegedly, but then who trust a police investigation into government in this generation? It can keep you in the race for the deputy PM!

But then Mr. Hain has never got back to me over these blogs either, and the allegations of Criminal Negligence by the Welsh Assembly Government towards myself. Much like he or the electoral commission are not at all bothered that 57% of the population eligible to vote chose not to at the last Assembly Elections. The Majority in Wales said No, yet they go ahead and form a government, and claim they have a mandate from the people. George Orwell must be throwing his hands up in despair, for us allowing them to continue. A robust response by the people would have put paid to that eh Crazydave. Sadly the people in this country just let them get away with it, time and time and time again.

I wonder if there will be calls for Mr. Cameron to resign for his prejudiced treatment of vulnerable adults, for his part in government’s criminal negligence of vulnerable adults, For his part in the non-censuring of a party member, for his not asking the questions raised in these blogs as Leader of the opposition, on the Richard Evans phone in on BBC Radio Wales, or any other Media outlet?????

Then again I would rather see Peter Hain resign for his part in protecting the Welsh Assembly Government for its part in the Criminal Negligence of myself and all other vulnerable adults in Wales. Or is he going to claim that he knew nothing about my protests or blogs???????????????? Eh Chief Constable!!!!

Unlimited belief for 2008 ala Mr. Neale Donald Walsch style ‘I HAVE BILLIONS OF SUPPORTERS WORLDWIDE NOW’


Later on the same day via another email address I found that Mr. Cameron's office responded to that email, but not the one I use to send 'The Usual Suspects' these blogs via, oh so very very naughty Mr. Cameron. Plus today like the last few I have sent copies to House of lords members yet again, along with a copy of this blog to The Parliamentary Standards Dudes at: that was on the New blood at the welsh Assembly email copy of the blog, ECHR's dudes!

Question. Am I going to have to create another email account in order to by pass any blocks put on my other email to these not so honest as they like to make pretend people??????????????? Maybe. The subject heading of the email was 'Cameron resigns along with Rhodri Morgan'

For a full list of blogs go to

Well I did and these are some of the auto axknowledgements received:
BIRT, John
Out of Office AutoReply: Cameron resigns along with Rhodri Morgan‏
3 KB

PS Edwina Hart
Out of Office AutoReply: Cameron resigns along with Rhodri Morgan‏
6 KB

Barracuda Spam Firewall
**Message you sent blocked by our bulk email filter**‏
5 KB

Out of Office AutoReply: Cameron resigns along with Rhodri Morgan‏
3 KB

Jones, Carwyn (Ministerial)
Out of Office AutoReply: Cameron resigns along with Rhodri Morgan‏
5 KB

ASHTON, Baroness
Out of Office AutoReply: cameron resigns along with Rhodri Morgan‏
3 KB

Times Letters
Auto Reply from Times Letters‏
4 KB

Ming Campbell
Thank you for your email‏

david gabriel
FW: Cameron resigns along with Rhodri Morgan‏
36 KB
But oh You Parliamentary Standards people there ought to be easy to find real email addresses of the House of Lords members, and auto-reponders confirming receipt.

and this is the copy of the email response when I sent the email from another account using the lower case

Many thanks for your email.

David’s email address is


Anna Biles
Correspondence Secretary
David Cameron's Office
House of Commons

HERE ARE THE LIST OF THE USUAL SUSPECTS THAT THE EMAIL HAS BEEN SENT TO;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

The addresses below are the ones I believe the firewall cut out;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

That’s the list for today, the last 4 batches are house of lords addresses from actonr to grocottb Wonder when they will all be listed with their real addresses on the Parliamentary site???????????????????? For the record.


First off I had this is in my 2nd email account, the one that has not yet listed as junk mail by 'The Usual Suspects'

Please remove me from your e-mail list
Thank you
Hazel Byford

That's Baroness Byford for you. Guess the Baroness isn't that interested in accountability of government Eh Crazydave. It sure don't look like.

One of my many teachers says there are no coincidences. I found it interesting that following forwarding this blog to everyone last Friday, as well as making use of the Talksport email a presenter facility, I sent Mr. Galloway one via that. I did find it fascinating that on his saturday show, instead of the redoubtable Mr. Galloway an Ian Collins took over the presenting of his show and preceded to give a 3 hour defence of hard working MP's, as opposed to nurses. Guess because of his position Mr. Galloway wouldn't have been allowed to perform that piece of misinformation.

Much like the Media once again dodging my paintings down the Assembly today, hopefully the videos will be uploaded to youtube shortly, although once again the camera is playing up. Hey anybody out there have a video camera that they would like to give me, for gaining further evidence.

Once again I was asked to stop filming in the viewing chamber at the assembly by officer barney 2108 of South Wales Police( WHY DO I WISH TO, FOR EVIDENTIAL REASONS OFFICER). I should have asked him to repeat the request into the camera, maybe that would have made him change his mind. I thought we were living in a democracy????

Judge Hickinbottoms letter has still not been uploaded as delivered by Royal Mail given that they received it on the 12/12/07 makes me wonder what your paying extra for. Or did the Judges office refuse to accept it??

Oh so many questions of negligence your Majesty. With nothing in the Media about the Parliamentary Standards Commissioner. Yet I hear today that the Commissioner is going to be looking into a naughty Conservative party member and half a Million not being declared. Yet that was only in the news over the weekend. I have yet to recieve AN EMAIL REPLY SAYING HE IS GOING TO DO AN INVESTIGATION ON MY BEHALF REGARDING the issues mentioned in this blog, OR THAT OF MY OTHER BLOGS.




Hi people,

Today finds me one pissed off bunny rabbit, woken last night from my nap, due to the substandard housing the Baroness thinks I deserve, and again this morning at o730 hrs, by the stomp,stomp, stomp drop shit arsehole who lives above me. Not his fault one might say, but then I know the kinky motherfucker enjoys it. Much like all those Assembly member sdown the bay. Who believe that this type of situation is just fine by them Eh Mr. Galloway.

Peaceful enjoyment, you lot are having a laugh ain't cha!

So today I dropped off at Cardiff County Court the frontise of my blog Judge Hickinbottom colludes with the WAG in the criminal negligence of Crazydave. There's a thing for you. First you have to open the letter cos they don't accept unopened letters. Hey what do they do with posted ones chuck 'em in a bin? Then the hard working arsehole there refused to provide a receipt. So I had to write my own, and whiloe I had asked if he would stamp it, all he wanted to do was initial it with a scrawl, so I asked again and with undue reluctance the MFer did.

Not that I was rude or anything, just bemused and not a little pissed off. Here I am in a place that is supposed to be a court handing in an official document with allegations of corruption against a Judge a place apparently where hard evidence rules the day and they don't want to proffer receipts. A-fucking-mazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's the System for you.

So tell me you Amnesty International people, you Liberty people when are the human rights of this citizen going to be addressed Huh??? They don't deal in white males in the UK issues Crazydave, you know that now. Nope, what do they call us indigenious people. Yeah indigeniuos people got no rights in the UK.

I wonder if and when the European Court of Human Rights find in my favour I will be in a position to Sued the arse off of Baroness Byford for aiding and abetting Criminal Negligence????????? One thing I do have to say though is at least the Baroness had the decency to reply even it it was to tell me to 'Fuck off' in the polites of manner's but 'Fuck off' is what it ammounts to in street speak.

None of the other's it appears have the balls to do what she did, or to get back and say 'your emails are a cause of concern to me Crazydave, and that I will be getting intouch with the Parliamentary Standards Commissioner over your mistreatment, by your MP your Am and the National Assembly for Wales as a whole'

Maybe though some of my suggestions are being taken up, at least now they are at least talking of the possiblity of Nationalising Northern Rock, funnily enough after my email. Pity the bastards refuse to discuss the use of the good ole water wheel for meeting their renewable's targets.

While last night I hear some wag was it the Culture Minister is talking of sharing the Licence fee with other Media Provider's. We have been ripped off long enough by this illegal charge for generations Culture Minister, and we refuse to accept you can cheat the public anymore. It's only a pity the Legal fraternatey never ever challenged the Fee for it's monopoly status. Guess government is running scared that if the EEC does declare it a monopoly all those imprisoned or fined for non-payment will have JUST RECOURSE for illegal imprisonment etc, and sue the arse off the government. Oh how I would like to see that Lord.

So tell me Judge Hickinbottom now that you cannot say you never received my blog, are you gonna chicken shit out of sueing me for slander. You have deliberately refused to respond to that blog, you are aiding and abetting the Welsh Assembly in the criminal negligence of vulnerable adults, and its a wonder that the Media aren't chasing you sorry backside in their hordes to hear your rebuttal of the allegations made in them. But then they have been systematically doing the same for the last 4 years, ever since I turned up at the Welsh Assembly with my first banners in February 2004.

Its worth noting that this week, BBC radio wales is running a trailer made by a caller that mirrors my last week blog that MP should be scrutinised by lay people and not their own. I wonder if I was an MP the parliamentary Commissioner would have responded to my complaint by now, if I had refused by be hide bound by protocol, and forwarded it on a non-constituent of mine's behalf, because their own refused to act on their behalf. for what ever reason?????????????



UPDATE OVER. OOPS nearly forgot Mr. Galloway still hasn't got back to me regarding his Klever Komrad Kevin finding out how much more the treasury is going to make out of the increase in electric n gas charges. But then Mr. Galloway would prefer me locked away and forgotten about, isn't that right TC, and in this blog the C does not refer to Cats.

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